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Are you saddened by the recent events of LOST? Do you want to make light of a serious subject? Then this is the place for you!

Join in and get weekly (for now, at any rate) updates about my attempts to Bring Back Boone as a Zombie, including (when the spirit moves me, LOL), pictures, details of converstaions with the Island and sometimes inhabitants (via the very secret phone that's inside the hatch! Oh yes, there was a phone in there, and Locke called me, HAHAHA! ^_~).

Anyway, join, talk about Zombie!Lost characters, and have a good time, rememberingthe good times we had while they were alive, and the better times ahead while they eat brains. =D

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If you would like to be affiliated with the Zombie Boone Fanclub, just send along a note! We'll be glad to add you to our ranks of insanity. ^_^